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Experienced Support When You Need It Most

In trying times, people lean on family and friends for loving support. In some instances, however, people need support beyond what friends and family are able to offer. This is especially true in today’s economy, where your family’s financial situation and well-being may be significantly affected by something as serious as a car accident, a divorce or a criminal conviction.
At such times, you need honest advice and aggressive legal representation from an attorney who can speak effectively on your behalf in a courtroom, in negotiations or other processes. At the law office of Chris Villemarette, Trial Lawyer, I provide the experienced, supportive representation you need. From my office in Lafayette, Louisiana, I help members of my community find the support they need when they need it most.

Legal Guidance Through Every Step of The Injury Claim Process

Whether you have suffered a serious personal injury or lost a loved one due to another’s negligence, I provide the legal knowledge and backing to advocate for justice. I listen to my clients and make sure that their stories are heard by the courts and insurance companies.
From dealing with insurance adjustors to representing your interests at trial, I will be with you through the entire process. I understand the struggles that accident victims are going through, both in and out of the courtroom. My experience and knowledge help me ensure that my clients can advocate for themselves and their future.

Aggressive Trial Advocacy In Personal Injury

As an experienced Lafayette personal injury attorney, I will explore all of your options for recovering compensation, including taking your case to trial or on appeal. I’ve never been known to backdown from a fight, and I am passionate about preventing and correcting injustices.
My passion, experience and skill set have contributed to my excellent track record in the courtroom. Whether it’s putting together a team of experts, tracking down evidence or filing motions, I remain committed to my clients and to advocating for justice.

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