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Louisiana Escalator And Elevator Injury Attorney

When people envision elevator accidents, they often think of dramatic movie scenes in which the car’s cables hang by a thread, ready to snap at any moment. In reality, this type of accident is quite rare and almost nonexistent. However, elevator malfunctions can still result in serious personal injury.

At the law firm of Chris Villemarette, Trial Lawyer, we have experience managing personal injury claims resulting from elevator or escalator accidents. Whether you were injured in an accident at the mall, your apartment building, or your office, we provide the aggressive, thorough representation you need to recover maximum compensation.

What Causes An Elevator Accident?

All elevators, and buildings with elevators, must undergo regular maintenance to ensure mechanisms governing the speed and direction of the elevator functions properly. All too often, however, the costs involved in repairing or replacing these electrical components can become quite expensive.

As such, building managers or elevator maintenance companies install temporary fixes or slow the speed of the elevator in order to avoid paying out larger sums for elevator repair. If left unchecked, these “fixes” can result in serious problems. Not only could the elevator break down between different floors, it may also operate out of control, going first up a few floors, then down a few floors without ceasing.

Protecting Your Right To Maximum Compensation

The injuries sustained from a sudden halt or out-of-control elevator can be quite serious. They range from significant bruising or soft tissue injuries to severe whiplash, broken wrists and arms, and other head or back injuries. Individuals caught entering or exiting the elevator when malfunctions occur have sustained catastrophic or even fatal injuries.

We are aggressive in seeking compensation to which our clients are entitled for injuries caused by elevator accidents. We seek all parties who may be at fault, including the building manager or management company, the elevator maintenance companies or even the manufacturer in the case of originally defective elevator parts or design. As an experienced trial lawyer, Mr. Villemarette will take your case as far as necessary to achieve maximum compensation for you.

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