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Car Accidents

An injury sustained in a car accident can be physically and emotionally debilitating. A motor vehicle accident can cause painful, incapacitating injuries and significant medical bills, in addition to lost income and other hardships. If your injury was caused by a negligent driver, you may be owed compensation for your pain and suffering and for your losses.

At the law office of Chris Villemarette, Trial Lawyer, our goal is help you obtain full, fair compensation for any injuries and hardships caused by a careless or reckless driver.Contact our Lafayette car accident attorney today.

Lafayette Parish Car Accidents Attorney

We pride ourselves on our ability to determine not only who caused the accident, but who is financially responsible for the damage to people and property caused by the accident. Mr. Villemarette does not operate in volume of cases — he does not work for swift and simple settlement of your auto insurance claim that could lead to a lower settlement, which might not cover all of your expenses.

We seek compensation for clients suffering from injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents, such as:

  • Head injuries and brain trauma
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Paralysis
  • Paraplegia and spinal cord injuries
  • Neck injuries

If you’ve suffered one or more of these injuries, you deserve full and fair compensation, including:

  • Medical expenses, including the costs of future medical treatment
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Damage to your car

We also provide supportive, assertive representation to those families who have lost a loved one in a car wreck. Allow us to protect your financial interests while you take the time to grieve and heal.

Contact a Louisiana car wreck lawyer today or call us at 337-232-3100 to schedule a consultation with an aggressive trial lawyer ready to fight for you in negotiations or the courtroom.