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Experienced Lafayette Back Injury Attorney

If you or someone you loved suffered a serious back or spinal cord injury because of another’s negligent actions, contact the law office of Chris Villemarette, Trial Lawyer. We represent the victims of catastrophic personal injury and their families in Lafayette and elsewhere in Louisiana. We will fight hard to recover the compensation you need and deserve to take care of your immediate and long-term needs.

The Causes And Effects Of Back And Spinal Cord Injuries

Those who suffer spinal cord damage are likely to have been victims of 18-wheeler accidents or car accidents. People who work in construction-related or manufacturing jobs can also be at risk for sustaining serious back injuries such as slipped or herniated disks.

The most severe form of spinal injury is paralysis. While paralysis can be temporary or managed with extensive treatment, those who suffer from paraplegia or quadriplegia will likely require a lifetime of care.

Recovering Maximum Compensation For Your Needs

Our Lafayette back injury attorney Chris Villemarette will take steps to recover maximum compensation to cover the costs of your injury and other financial losses. This includes compensation for:

  • Immediate medical attention you received
  • Long-term rehabilitation and therapy
  • Occupational therapy or vocational counseling, if needed
  • Lost wages or loss in income
  • Permanent disability benefits, if warranted
  • Assisted care or household assistance as needed
  • Pain and suffering, including any damages for long-term loss of enjoyment or opportunity

As an experienced trial advocate, Mr. Villemarette will take your case as far as necessary to obtain the compensation you need. This includes representing you in negotiations with insurance companies, in a jury trial or by taking your case to the appeals court, if necessary.

Contact us by calling 337-232-3100 to discuss your case in a consultation. We understand this can be a stressful time for your family. We will take care of the legal details so you can concentrate on recovery.