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Posts tagged "Family Law"

Helping children navigate complex family law matters

Divorce has a significant impact on the youngest members of the family, and Louisiana parents understand the importance of helping their kids walk through this process and navigate transitions. Family law matters can have a negative effect on the long-term mental and emotional health of the children, but there are several things parents can do to help them avoid undue stress and complications. According to statistics, about half of the children in the United States will experience their parents divorcing at some point.

Family law concerns often come with significant emotions

The process of ending a marriage or dealing with any legal concern that can impact the family is stressful. Divorce is an emotionally-challenging process, and Louisiana readers may know that strong feelings and grief do not always lead to the best or most practical decisions. In navigating a divorce, it makes sense to deal with grief and other feelings in a constructive way so as to be able to make smart family law decisions.

Family law problems do not always stop when divorce is final

Louisiana parents who go through divorce often find it difficult to get along and work together, making it quite complicated to make a co-parenting plan work well. The hard feelings do not necessarily go away simply because the divorce is final, making it important for a parent to know how to cope with a difficult co-parent and family law complications. This is also a good way to protect the emotional interests of the children and keep them from experiencing continued upheaval.

Family law disputes may require digital protection

Even an amicable divorce can turn quickly as spouses fight to obtain what they feel is a fair resolution to their conflicts. If there is much on the line, Louisiana spouses may resort to tactics that invade the privacy of their partners in order to obtain information that will enhance their family law case or simply satisfy their curiosity. Spouses who fear former partners will use technology to spy on their activities would do well to take steps to secure their digital interests.

Tax changes affect family law issues

Within a few weeks, the new year arrives and changes take place. These are not only changes brought about by New Year's resolutions, but new laws that may affect the family law decisions many people make in 2019. In fact, those in Louisiana who are considering divorce in the near future may be interested in the coming changes in the federal tax laws regarding alimony.

Regaining custody through a family law proceeding in court

Parents who have limited access to their children or who have lost custody because the court determined they could not provide a stable environment for their children may feel frustrated and lost. Being without one's children can be upsetting, and it may seem that precious time is passing while the children grow and change. However, there are family law options for these circumstances. Louisiana courts want to keep families together as much as possible, and those parents may have a chance to make things right.

Staying married for the children is a tough family law decision

Divorce is difficult enough when a couple has only their own feelings to consider. When children are involved, the situation may be one of the most complex and challenging areas of family law. In fact, many Louisiana couples struggle to decide whether it is better to remain married to spare the children the stress and emotion of a divorce. There are many factors to weigh when making this difficult decision.

Jesse Jackson Jr.'s divorce may be headed to family law court

What starts out as a loving, caring and supportive relationship can end in a contentious battle. While many Louisiana couples will likely follow the advice of family law attorneys to reach a quick and amicable end to a divorce, some will be painfully extended by ongoing arguments between a couple. One couple in another state has not yet reached a divorce agreement and may have to go to trial to end their marriage.

Family law: Domestic abuse arrest reveals scandlous divorce

When some marriages come to an end, spouses may find it comforting to know that attorneys in Louisiana must keep many details about the dissolution of a marriage to themselves. Some marriages are unfortunately filled with scandal and unsavory accusations. A woman's arrest in another state has revealed one couple's ugly separation and the beginning of their divorce process in the family law court system.

Family law: Laurence Fishburne and his wife file for divorce

Hollywood marriages often seem to be like fairy tales. In reality, they are not fairy tales, and celebrity couples often suffer marital problems just like any other couple in Louisiana. Laurence Fishburne and his wife are one of the most recent celebrity couples that have filed for divorce. He and his wife have probably consulted their own family law attorneys to navigate them through their painful process.