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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

Rear-end car accidents offer few escape options

There are many times when a driver can control a situation to avoid an accident. Reducing speed, changing lanes or taking evasive action can take a vehicle out of the equation enough that no harm comes to the driver or passengers. However, one category of car accidents may leave drivers helpless to protect themselves from the negligence of others, and that is the rear-end collision.

Holiday car accidents can be avoided with ridesharing

The holidays are for celebrating, and many have plans to join family and friends over the next few weeks for festive parties and gatherings. Alcohol is often a component of these parties, adding revelry and cheer. However, it also adds danger if partiers fail to make the necessary preparations for avoiding car accidents on the way home.

Car accidents claim hundreds of lives in Louisiana

As the year draws to a close, Louisiana police and safety agencies are doing the grim task of tallying the number of lives lost on the roads and highways. In a single parish, the State Police investigated 25 car accidents that included fatalities. Six of those deaths were pedestrians, and the most recent one occurred early Thanksgiving morning.

Speed and distraction lead to deadly car accidents

The sudden loss of a loved one in a traffic accident can be shocking and devastating to a family. In a moment, lives are changed, and a family is left to struggle with the aftermath. Speed and distraction play a major role in many Louisiana car accidents, and one local family is dealing with the grief and questions that follow such an accident.

Car accidents involving impaired drivers ruin innocent lives

Louisiana parents may be familiar with the particular sort of worry that strikes when a teen reaches driving age. Parents must hope that the education and practice they have provided a young driver will help keep a teen safe on the road. Unfortunately, when it comes to car accidents, sometimes a teen driver becomes the victim, not the cause. 

Car accidents involving teens raise concern

Louisiana parents are likely a bundle of nerves as their teens become old enough to obtain a drivers licence. They hope that teens are able to recall what they have learned about safe driving and seat belt use as teens venture out on their own. Statistically, teen drivers are at a higher risk of being involved in car accidents, reflected by the fact that auto insurance companies often charge a higher premium for policies that cover teen drivers. 

Car accidents on campus a rising concern

A new semester has begun on Louisiana campuses. Drivers should be on the lookout for people on foot, especially in areas hosting a collegiate sporting event where pedestrian traffic is heavy. As throngs of fans and tailgaters await kickoff on gameday, there is an increased risk for pedestrian related car accidents

Car accidents claim lives off road

When Louisiana drivers hear about a death that was caused by a crash, many may imagine busy streets, multiple vehicles and high speeds. While, certainly, crashes like that do occur, their are deaths that occur from car accidents under arguably more tragic circumstances. The unexpected death of a child can throw an entire family into a state of shock and grief, especially when one of the family members caused the death. 

Car accidents cause 26 deaths this year

Louisiana residents may find themselves alarmed when they are informed of the year-to-date fatal crash statistics for the state. So far, car accidents have claimed 26 lives in 2018. Despite the efforts of drivers and pedestrians to travel safely, fatal car accidents seem to be on the rise.