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Trusted Counsel For Contested Or Uncontested Divorce

Whether a marital breakup is expected or not, the emotional aspect of divorce will loom large for most people. Financial elements also require urgent, yet thoughtful, attention. You need a road map for the unfamiliar but necessary path you are embarking on.

I am lawyer Chris Villemarette, an established family law attorney in Lafayette, Louisiana. I am prepared to help you through the legal processes of your divorce for your future’s sake.

Who Gets The Boat?

Questions such as these demand answers once a marriage is on the rocks:

  • How will the marital home, vehicles, household possessions and bank accounts be divided?
  • What about retirement accounts? How will investment real estate and business interests be allocated?
  • What property division and custody plans will a family law judge approve of?

You and your spouse may believe you agree on the terms of your divorce until you discover areas of disagreement. Whether your divorce promises to be contested or uncontested, you need trustworthy legal advice and guidance.

Why Hire Me For Your Louisiana Divorce?

Except for my college days in a neighboring state, I have spent my life and career right here in Lafayette. I care about my community and consider it a privilege to help families navigate the difficult process of divorce in a decisive, respectful manner. I am a talented litigator, always ready to advocate vigorously for my clients.

Accounting was my chosen field of study before I went to law school and my aptitude for numbers remains helpful for my family law clients as I help individuals and couples divide property. I know it is important to consider all aspects of property division such as the following:

  • Tax advantages or disadvantages
  • Health and health insurance
  • Standard of living and the effect on children’s lifestyles
  • Fairness when one spouse helped put the other through college or helped the other launch a business or professional practice

When disagreements persist, one or more of these dispute resolution methods become necessary:

  • Settlement negotiations
  • Mediation
  • Trial

Divorce mediation is private and can be completed on your own timetable. It can help set the tone for civil dialogue to facilitate co-parenting in your children’s best interests.

I Am Here To Help You Complete Your Divorce With Your Future In Focus

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