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Protecting Your Parent-Child Relationship(s) Through Divorce Or Separation

Most parents would do practically anything to help ensure their children’s well-being for a lifetime. A divorce or separation leads many parents to worry about their children’s stability. Parents want to ensure that their parent-child bonds can remain strong despite a new family structure.

As you approach a child custody case, you may consider the importance of:

  • Continuity of your children’s education, friendships and extracurricular activities
  • Practical plans for transporting your children between parents’ home
  • Ongoing constructive communication with the other parent

On top of these issues, you need to understand what a family court judge will approve of. I am attorney Chris Villemarette. My deep experience in family law in Louisiana can help you arrive at a custody arrangement that works for you and your children.

Resolving Complex Custody Questions

A parent’s expectations for child custody arrangements rarely match up with the messy reality of life. You may have extra layers of concern because of factors such as:

  • The other parent’s history of domestic violence
  • Addiction or mental health issues of the other parent
  • Worries about the safety of your children in your soon-to-be former spouse’s home environment
  • Children’s special needs, such as tutoring and therapy

Ideally, you and the other parent can work together through negotiations to arrive at a plan for custody and visitation that puts your children’s needs first. If this goal seems out of reach, you and your family law attorney may need to take a more assertive approach. I am a dedicated family law attorney who cares deeply about my clients’ families. I am also a talented, accomplished litigator who can help you pursue the best outcome even if the other parent opposes your priorities.

As needed, I will seek input from experts such as a child psychologist, an educator or a family physician. I will help you make a compelling case for a practical, respectful custody arrangement. I will support your parental rights and your children’s best interests in family law mediation or before a family law judge.

Turn To Chris Villemarette, Trial Lawyer For Compassionate, Skillful Representation In Your Louisiana Custody Case

I am confident that I can increase your chances of achieving a custody and visitation plan that will protect your parent-child bonds. I am ready to provide the customized advocacy that you need.

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