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Your Lafayette Divorce And Custody Attorney

Recent reports on social trends indicate that divorce is on the decline in the Lafayette area. However, legal challenges to families are still a reality for many couples and parents. If you are facing a marital disturbance or child-related changes in your family, you can turn to me, attorney Chris Villemarette, with confidence that I will advise you in support of your best interests.

No decisions are more important than the ones affecting your family. I am family law attorney Chris Villemarette, a skilled trial lawyer with well-honed litigation skills and a heart for people. When you come to the law office of Chris Villemarette, Trial Lawyer, I will begin by getting to know you, your family problems and your goals for resolution. Then I will help you take action in your divorce, child custody or any other family law matter accordingly.

Whether your case requires assertive negotiation or aggressive representation in court, our firm has the legal knowledge and trial experience to protect you and your interests.

Experienced Family Law Representation

At the law office of Chris Villemarette, Trial Lawyer, I provide legal services in a variety of family law areas, including the following:

  • Divorce: Supportive representation to guide you through your uncontested or contested divorce proceedings
    • Property division: Determination of marital property and individual assets, as Louisiana is a community property state
    • Spousal support: Temporary or permanent orders
  • Child-related issues in support of your children’s best interests and your parental rights
    • Child custody: Diligence in addressing and protecting your child’s best interests and your parental rights
    • Child custody and child support modifications
    • Child support: Ensuring that child support agreements are fair and equitable
    • Child support enforcement: Including garnishment of wages or bank accounts
    • Visitation: Seeking quality time for parents and children
    • Stepparent adoption
    • Paternity actions and fathers’ rights
    • Grandparents’ rights
  • Domestic violence and protection orders

I Help Parents Assert Their Rights While Protecting Children’s Interests

Regardless of whether you are a mother or a father, you want to ensure your child’s best interests are protected in any divorce proceeding or custody dispute. I understand that and will strive to help you resolve your issue in the most beneficial way for your family’s future.

At the law office of Chris Villemarette, Trial Lawyer, I understand that often the role of the father as caretaker of a child is overlooked. If you are a father, especially one who has been the primary caretaker of your child, I will work to ensure that your role is clearly demonstrated to the court and that your rights are protected during custody determination. My experience as a trial lawyer has helped me refine my dispute resolution skills, and I can put those to your best advantage.

To schedule a consultation with an experienced divorce and child custody lawyer, contact my law office at 337-232-3100.