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Improper medical treatment can result in personal injury claims

Children can be rambunctious, active risk takers. It is in their nature and on occasion it will result in an accidental injury that requires medical attention. Such was the case of a 2-year-old in Louisiana. The child had been playing on a trampoline and fell and broke his arm. He was taken to the hospital and treated, but the outcome led to a personal injury case.

Fatal personal injury to 3 men; police think driver was impaired

Two good Samaritans recently stopped on a Louisiana highway to help a man whose vehicle had become disabled on the roadway. Little did they know, it would be the last act of service they ever offered in this life. The two men, as well as the man they stopped to help all suffered fatal personal injury when another vehicle crashed into them and the disabled car.

Personal injury risks at indoor trampoline parks

What can be more exciting for children than being invited to a birthday party at an indoor trampoline park? Unfortunately, many parents in Lafayette are unaware of the personal injury risks linked to these facilities. An investigative news team in another state looked at the numbers of ER visits that resulted from injured jumpers over three years, and also the types of injuries children suffered.

Time change and less sleep means more personal injury incidents

Lafayette readers understand that Daylight Savings often causes adults to struggle with things such as sleepiness, trouble falling asleep and ongoing drowsiness throughout the day. It is not easy to adjust when the time changes, and the result is that more people are on Louisiana roads commuting, transporting children and running errands while they are overly tired. More drowsy drivers naturally leads to an increase in car accidents and personal injury incidents.

Medical malpractice: Doctor accused of withholding medication

Most medical professionals in Louisiana want what is best for their patients. The trouble is that, sometimes, their opinion of what is best isn't accurate to what a patient truly needs. The repercussions are not just physical but can be emotional as well. This may be the case for one woman from out of state who filed a medical malpractice claim alleging that her doctor gave her unnecessary injection therapy.

Personal injury: Pedestrian deaths up across the country

Though walking is often touted as an easy and simple form of exercise, it is not always a safe activity. Louisiana families may be shocked to hear that a recent study showed a sharp increase in the amount of fatalities among pedestrians all over the nation. This kind of personal injury incident can have a significant affect on the victim and his or her loved ones, and understanding the findings of the study may be a step in preventing one.

Many questions as to cause of personal injury accident

Highway driving can be stressful. A driver's attention diverted from the road for even a brief moment may lead to tragic consequences. When highway speeds exceed 70 mph, the slightest contact with another vehicle can cause a driver to lose control of a vehicle, resulting in a personal injury accident. A recent accident in Louisiana demonstrates this fact and leaves a community grieving.

Mistakes in patient charts may lead to personal injury claims

It is not unusual to sit in a waiting room for a considerable amount of time before seeing a Louisiana doctor. Patients may notice receptionists, nurses and doctors passing around dozens of patient charts as they hurry through the appointments. The information inside those charts keeps a patient's health care team in the loop about the patient's history, health conditions, prescriptions and allergies that could prevent mistakes that may lead to personal injury claims. However, what if the mistakes are within the chart?

E-scooters increase risk for personal injury

The latest trend in travel is the e-scooter. More energy efficient than electric vehicles, e-scooters are popping up in cities in Louisiana and around the world. Just like scooters from decades ago, riders stand on a platform and hold onto handlebars at about waist-level. The difference is that the e-scooters are motorized and can achieve speeds well over the 20 mph limit many states are imposing. As a result, more riders are suffering serious personal injury.

Cyclist in Louisiana at high risk for personal injury

Louisiana often tops the list when it comes to fun things like travel, sports and entertainment. Unfortunately, the state has placed high on another list, and residents may now be alarmed. Now ranked second in the nation for bicycle accident fatalities, riders should be made aware of the high risk for personal injury.