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Cyclist in Louisiana at high risk for personal injury

Louisiana often tops the list when it comes to fun things like travel, sports and entertainment. Unfortunately, the state has placed high on another list, and residents may now be alarmed. Now ranked second in the nation for bicycle accident fatalities, riders should be made aware of the high risk for personal injury.

Workplace held responsible for fatal personal injury

Many Louisiana workers may feel that they have a dangerous job. Accidents occur on job sites each day, and while some are not serious -- just a known risk of a trade -- others can be life-threatening and even result in death. Sometimes, a death or personal injury in the workplace could have been prevented, and in certain circumstances a company may be found legally responsible. 

Man seeks justice after personal injury at pizzeria

Louisiana may be well-known for Cajun cuisine, but like the rest of the nation, sometimes nothing beats a great slice of pizza for dinner. Going out to eat can be a nice treat after a long or busy day. Most people expect that their trip to a local restaurant will be a relaxing way to spend the evening, but sometimes, personal injury can ruin the experience. 

Parents sue when personal injury results in death

Louisiana colleges and universities are once again welcoming students as a new academic semester begins. For many students, especially freshmen, stepping onto a campus full of strangers can be overwhelming. For many students, fitting in is important, and many will make poor decisions at the suggestion of other, sometimes older and more established, students in an attempt to find a group that accepts them. Some groups require that someone trying to join, often known as a pledge, must complete a series of tasks in order to become a memeber. Some of these tasks, referred to as hazing, are dangerous and can result in personal injury or death. 

Personal Injury: Pharmaceuticals sued over a baby born addicted

A mother has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of her child and others who are born addicted to opioids. The suit filed in Louisiana names several pharmaceutical companies and distributors, and the plaintiff is asking for monetary damages to cover long-term treatment. The mother claims she became addicted to opioids while being treated for a personal injury sustained in a car accident.

Personal injury: Cruise turns into a medical mess

Cruise ships are synonymous with everything fun. The last place you expect to spend a week aboard a beautiful cruise ship is sitting in a cabin in excruciating pain. That happened on a cruise ship out of Louisiana. A new husband suffered a serious personal injury while paddle boarding that quickly turned into a medical mess.

Personal injury: Walker seriously injured in low-speed accident

No one expects to become an accident victim while walking in a well-lit designated crosswalk. An employee of St. Tammany Parish Hospital in Louisiana was seriously injured after being struck by a pickup truck recently. Police caution pedestrians that even at low speeds, serious personal injury can occur from impact with a vehicle.

Personal injury: Victims share resulting impact of man's crimes

Many Louisiana residents look forward to the excitement and crowds that Mardi Gras draws to New Orleans every year. Usually, it is a good time enjoyed by many from all over the country, but for some, the most recent festival was a nightmare. As many as 32 people suffered unexpected personal injury after a man drove into a crowd of attendees.

Personal injury attorneys can advise cases of medical malpractice

Louisiana medical facilities have many required policies in place to prevent bed sores, skin breakdown and patient falls. Unfortunately, polices are only effective when enforced and implemented by medical staff. When staff fail to adhere to policy, patient harm may occur. A family in another state lost a loved one after a fatal fall, and the family is likely using a personal injury attorney to advise them in their medical malpractice lawsuit against the facility.

Family law attorneys can help prevent complicated divorces

Divorce can be painful, messy and complicated. The more a couple shares, the more complex a separation may be. Choosing a family law attorney in Louisiana can help guide an individual through the divorce by advising the client on actions to make it as smooth a process as possible. Recent speculation has been made that the bitter divorce involving the couple that began the fact checking website Snopes may be impacting the financial stability of the company.