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Jesse Jackson Jr.'s divorce may be headed to family law court

What starts out as a loving, caring and supportive relationship can end in a contentious battle. While many Louisiana couples will likely follow the advice of family law attorneys to reach a quick and amicable end to a divorce, some will be painfully extended by ongoing arguments between a couple. One couple in another state has not yet reached a divorce agreement and may have to go to trial to end their marriage.

Family law: Domestic abuse arrest reveals scandlous divorce

When some marriages come to an end, spouses may find it comforting to know that attorneys in Louisiana must keep many details about the dissolution of a marriage to themselves. Some marriages are unfortunately filled with scandal and unsavory accusations. A woman's arrest in another state has revealed one couple's ugly separation and the beginning of their divorce process in the family law court system.

Family law: Laurence Fishburne and his wife file for divorce

Hollywood marriages often seem to be like fairy tales. In reality, they are not fairy tales, and celebrity couples often suffer marital problems just like any other couple in Louisiana. Laurence Fishburne and his wife are one of the most recent celebrity couples that have filed for divorce. He and his wife have probably consulted their own family law attorneys to navigate them through their painful process.

Family law lawyers assisting couple decide fate of luxury condo

The connection, love and commitment that a couple feels early in a relationship is often forgotten and disregarded when a marriage falls apart. Most Louisiana couples cannot simply walk away from their spouse due to assets, property and income that intertwined over the years. One wealthy couple in another state are using lawyers with experience in family law as they navigate a bitter and complicated divorce.

Family law: Husband arrested after failed kidnap of wife

Marriages begin with a promise and a hope of being forever in love. Unfortunately, not all marriages last as expected, and some end more amicably than others. One Louisiana couple's separation and divorce almost reads like a Hollywood story involving hit men, kidnapping, guns and spying on each other. Family law attorneys can aid couples as they proceed through the end of a marriage and attempt to prevent similar drama.