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Criminal defense access is right enjoyed by accused in Louisiana

The problem of illegal drugs in Louisiana is an ongoing one. In the continuing battle to protect the community and reduce the crime associated with the illegal drug trade, police are actively pursuing leads to help find and detain persons associated with the drug trade. Any person charged with a drug crime is entitled to a criminal defense.

Criminal defense can help keep focus on current case

Being accused of a crime in Louisiana can be very unsettling. A young man who was hired to do some work for a family has been charged in connection with a burglary at the home. The 22-year-old did have a prior arrest for a burglary that took place a year ago. It is not known if a criminal defense attorney has been hired or assigned to the case.

Criminal defense: Woman charged with drunk driving

A woman was arrested in Baton Rouge following an accident that injured a state trooper, according to local news. A Louisiana State Patrol trooper apparently suffered moderate injuries in a crash involving a suspected drunk driver. The suspect has been taken into custody and is awaiting a trial date. There is no word as to whether she has retained criminal defense counsel or if a trial date has been set. 

Criminal defense and crime of passion

Passion is a powerful emotion. It can cause feelings of love, joy, anger and fear just to name a few. Passion can also lead to action. Passion may have contributed to an action that left a young woman dead on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. The Louisiana man accused in her death is facing charges for which he is entitled to a criminal defense.

Bomb scare, drug charges result in need for criminal defense

The fight against illegal drug trafficking in Louisiana is an ongoing battle. A recent case in Lake Charles involves two men who might benefit from consulting a criminal defense professional. The two were passengers on a bus traveling on I-10 late one afternoon.

Investigator mistakes could play part in criminal defense

Though remaining silent is often best when accused of a crime, it does not mean that individuals cannot create useful defense presentations even if they did answer police questions. Certainly, as the Miranda warning states, anything a person says can be used against him or her in a court of law. Fortunately, other criminal defense strategies may come in handy to fight against any incriminating statements.

Criminal defense important when college pranks go bad

College pranks can be amusing, and many look back fondly on the fun they had in their university days. Much of the fun on and off campus may involve the consumption of alcohol, and it is not unusual for things to get out of control. A recent incident on the Louisiana State University campus may have started as a prank, but it came to a bad end for three men from a neighboring town who may now be preparing a criminal defense.

Criminal charges, including DWI, brought against Louisiana driver

Life can have its ups and downs for any person. Some ups can be great, and some downs can have substantial negative impacts on individuals' lives. When a person is in a downward spiral, he or she could even wind up facing legal issues that involve criminal charges for DWI.

Criminal defense includes protecting right to remain silent

When someone is accused of committing a crime, it is critical that he or she remain protective of any legal rights that may be at risk. In a tense situation such as a confrontation with police, it may not be easy for the accused to know what rights are at stake or how to behave to avoid incriminating oneself. Seeking legal advice at the earliest possible moment is one way to set the groundwork for building a strong criminal defense strategy.

Criminal defense involves challenging unlawful search

One of the fundamental rights of those in Louisiana or anywhere in the country is the protection from unlawful search and seizure. This means that law enforcement must follow rigid procedures to avoid violating the rights of someone they suspect of a crime. Police may not search someone's home, car or person without appropriate cause and, in some cases, a warrant. When building a criminal defense, one may work to exclude any evidence collected during an unlawful search.