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Accused always have right to criminal defense

The drug industry continues to present serious challenges to law enforcement in Louisiana. A recent arrest of three members of an alleged New Orleans gang is one of the most recent incidents in the state's war on drugs. The four who are facing charges are presumed innocent until and unless found guilty in a court of law, and they are entitled to a criminal defense.

Experienced criminal defense important for juvenile suspects

The early hours of the morning are not unusual times for criminal activity in Louisiana. A spate of attempted burglaries was reportedly prevented early one recent morning. Officers from Jefferson Parrish were patrolling in Metairie when they reported observing suspicious activity involving multiple people appearing to attempt to break into parked vehicles. Anyone apprehended as a result of the investigation is entitled to a criminal defense.

Criminal defense can aid troubled teens

The teenage years can be exciting and full of new experiences and discoveries in Louisiana.Young people want to explore exciting opportunities and sometimes these opportunities lead them down an unfavorable path. Three teenagers in New Orleans were recently arrested and charged with having committed multiple carjackings and other crimes. Nevertheless, these young boys are entitled to a criminal defense.

Person accused of criminal activity has right to criminal defense

The drug crisis appears to be improving in many parts of the country, but it does remain a serious problem. While the number of drug-related deaths may be declining in some areas, Louisiana remains on high alert in its fight against illegal drugs. Anyone charged with crimes in relation to the drug crisis is entitled to a criminal defense.

Legal options may be available via criminal defense

Summertime often seems to bring an increase in crimes in Louisiana, particularly crimes involving robbery. A recent burglary occurred in Lake Charles, and three people are now suspects of committing the crime. The three have a right to criminal defense that is protected by the United States Constitution.

Accused teens have equal rights to criminal defense

The death of a person in a violent crime is certainly a tragedy. When juveniles are suspected of the crime it can be seen as a double tragedy because of the possible harm it can cause to the their futures. A failed car theft purportedly led to the death of an older woman as the would-be thieves reportedly opened fire and shot her. The teens accused in the Louisiana crime are entitled to a criminal defense.

Fraternity life, death and criminal defense

Greek societies at Louisiana colleges and universities can provide a means for making lasting social connections and can also ease the transition from living at home to the independence of being a college student. There are many traditions of fraternities that can be beneficial but there are also traditions that can be dangerous and lead to law-breaking activities. Chief among these may be the abundance of alcohol at some functions and the rituals of hazing that have increased in severity over the years. Criminal defense attorneys have become familiar with the possible legal consequences of hazing in recent years.

All accused have a right to a criminal defense

The drug problem in Louisiana continues to be the focus of many law enforcement investigations. Anyone caught up in the process of these investigations and charged with a crime has a right to a criminal defense. A recent case in Baton Rouge resulted in the arrest of a man charged with possession of a large amount of the drug known as ecstasy.

Criminal defense access is right enjoyed by accused in Louisiana

The problem of illegal drugs in Louisiana is an ongoing one. In the continuing battle to protect the community and reduce the crime associated with the illegal drug trade, police are actively pursuing leads to help find and detain persons associated with the drug trade. Any person charged with a drug crime is entitled to a criminal defense.

Criminal defense can help keep focus on current case

Being accused of a crime in Louisiana can be very unsettling. A young man who was hired to do some work for a family has been charged in connection with a burglary at the home. The 22-year-old did have a prior arrest for a burglary that took place a year ago. It is not known if a criminal defense attorney has been hired or assigned to the case.