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Criminal defense trials possible for 2 men facing serious charges

Drugs and violence are an ever-present topic in modern America. One may find it difficult to peruse the daily news without coming across a criminal defense headline. While many in Louisiana may never expect to find themselves facing serious charges, such charges often come about as a result of a less-serious action, such as a traffic stop.

Criminal defense: Man charged with kidnapping four children

Crimes involving children are not taken lightly by the public, law enforcement or the judicial system. When a defendant is convicted of a crime involving children, prosecutors may be likely to request the maximum punishment for all charges against a defendant.  Louisiana residents may be interested to learn about a man who is likely securing a criminal defense attorney after being arrested for kidnapping.

Some pet owners may need criminal defense attorneys

Louisiana pet owners may not be aware that some instances of leaving a pet outside can result in felony charges of animal cruelty. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is campaigning to warn pet owners that it is the law to protect their pets from the extreme cold. If pet owners abide by the law, they likely could avoid the need for a criminal defense attorney.

Criminal defense: 2 women arrested for fraud

Although financial crimes have likely been around as long as currency has existed, the number of incidents may seem more frequent. Some may argue that the availability and accessibility of information and technology may increase those types of crimes. Two women were arrested for two separate similar crimes and will likely be relying upon the advice of Louisiana criminal defense attorneys throughout their cases.

Criminal defense: Woman arrested after biting child

Tantrums, biting, hitting and pulling hair are all expected behaviors among any group of toddlers. While it is expected behavior for toddlers, it is not expected behavior among adults. Some toddler-like behavior presented by adults can result in assault charges and other criminal accusations. One Louisiana woman has recently needed the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer following a biting incident involving a minor child.

Criminal defense: 10 students arrested and charged for hazing

The occurrence and practice of hazing on college campuses has been a topic of discussion for many years. Despite education and warnings to avoid hazing for the safety of all students, it still occurs. Recently, 10 young men were arrested and charged after a fellow student died of alcohol poisoning following an alleged hazing event at a Louisiana State University fraternity. They are likely being advised by criminal defense lawyers as they assess their charges, and the potential consequences that could follow.

Criminal defense: drug trafficking case in Baton Rouge

Being convicted of drug charges in Louisiana can result in serious consequences. Someone may be required to pay fines or be sentenced to significant time in jail. If facing charges, it would be wise to develop a strong criminal defense. Four Louisiana men were recently convicted for drug offenses after an operation by various law enforcement agencies.

Criminal defense: Man and woman charged with theft and kidnapping

Our country's criminal justice system was designed to offer defendants as fair of a process as possible. Anyone who is criminally charged is guaranteed the right to legal counsel. Most defendants do choose to have an attorney to advise them on how to approach their legal situation. One Louisiana couple is likely listening to criminal defense attorneys after being arrested and charged with theft and kidnapping.

What can lead to drug paraphernalia charges?

Having possession or selling drugs that are not prescribed such as marijuana, cocaine or heroin, is illegal in most states. But what is not so apparent to many is that it is actually possible to be prosecuted for drug charges even if drugs were not found in your possession. If you are found to be possessing items that are related to illegal drugs, you may be facing with drug paraphernalia charges.

Criminal defense may change with new Louisiana laws

Louisiana has worn the unfortunate crown for the highest percentage of residents incarcerated for years. It is a title its lawmakers are likely not proud to own, and they have recently changed several laws that they hope will lower the state's prison population. Criminal defense attorneys and their defendants are hopeful that the new laws will reduce punishment and offer earlier parole for many prisoners.