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car accidents Archives

Car accidents: Unborn child killed with parents in collision

One Louisiana family has had to unexpectantly bury three loved ones. Sadly, they never had the chance to meet one of the family members because he or she had not been born. The couple and their unborn child were victims of one of the latest tragic and fatal car accidents in the area.

Car accidents: Fraternity faces wrongful death lawsuit

The national fraternity Kappa Sigma is not new to publicity about controversial hazing procedures forced on new pledges. As early as 2001, the fraternity has had chapters suspended or banned from different universities across the country. The fraternity's most recent chapter suspension has occurred at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, following one of the area's tragic car accidents involving a pledge.

Car accidents: Man jailed after fatal collision

It has been said that traveling in an airplane can be safer than traveling by a motor vehicle. Truth be told, most people travel more often by a vehicle than a plane, increasing the risk of a car accident. When serious car accidents occur, life-altering injuries and/or death are possibilities. One Louisiana man was recently sentenced to jail following his involvement in a tragic collision.

Car accidents: Louisiana wife and mother killed in collision

There is never a convenient time for things to go wrong in life. Car accidents are often a major inconvenience for anyone involved, and vehicle owners lose valuable time handling insurance claims, property repair, loss of transportation and medical treatment. Unfortunately, some collisions result in more than just an inconvenience for some families. Unexpected grief and unplanned funerals may consume the lives of some families. One Louisiana family is raising support for the unexpected death of their mother and wife following a tragic accident.

Car accidents: Car crashes into school bus, injurying students

Louisiana school buses are designed with their bright colors, lights and stop signs to stand out on the road and to warn other drivers to be careful. With children on board and moving near and around a stopped bus, it can be a dangerous situation if motorists do not pay attention. Car accidents involving students are upsetting for all involved due to the amount of harm that can occur. Recently, a motorist crashed into a school bus, injuring its occupants and six of the students on the bus.

Lousiana car accidents: Police chase ends in tragic death

Police chases make for an exciting scene in a movie or on news footage. When one occurs in real life, serious and tragic car accidents can occur. Recently, an unsuspecting young man was killed by a seemingly reckless driver who was being pursued by police in Louisiana.

Lousiana car accidents: Financial stress a common result

Learning a loved one has been critically injured is emotional, alters life plans and often involves multiple unexpected decisions. With so much to process in the aftermath of car accidents involving serious injuries, loved ones may feel overwhelmed. Some families find it beneficial to have an attorney advocate on their behalf regarding the financial issues that accompany a serious accident. One family in Louisiana is likely dealing with these problems after their loved one was critically injured by a wrong-way driver.

Lousiana car accidents: Tire through windshield kills mother

Responsible motor vehicle owners take many precautions to remain safe while traveling on Louisiana roadways. Despite regular car maintenance, vehicle safety features, proper restraint use and adherence to traffic laws, unfortunate tragic car accidents still occur. Recently, a family of five lost their mother after an unusual accident on the interstate.

Louisiana car accidents: Road worker struck and killed

Under any circumstances, distracted driving is a dangerous habit. One of Louisiana's recent fatal car accidents may have been the result of a distracted driver. Sadly, a two-vehicle crash resulted in the death of an employee of the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.

Louisana car accidents: Tree collision results in fatality

Louisiana drivers are surely aware that they may be held legally liable for any reckless driving that may injure another person. It may be forgotten that negligent drivers may also be financially responsible in car accidents when injuries occur to the passengers in their own vehicle due. Recently, a single car accident occurred in Lafayette, resulting in three injured persons and one death.