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Distracted or fatigued driving can cause fatal car accidents

Cars are the primary form of transportation for most people. Distracted driving and driver fatigue are both significant dangers, as are impairment from drugs or alcohol, when one is behind the wheel of a car in Louisiana. Serious car accidents can result and can often times be fatal. One such accident recently occurred near St. James Parrish on LA-18.

Tragic car accidents continue to plague area roadways

On a recent afternoon in Iberia Parish two people were going about their business. One, an 81-year-old woman, was driving a pickup truck. The other, a 37-year-old man, was riding his motorcycle. Their paths crossed in a tragic manner at an intersection on LA Highway 87 where they were both involved in one of the week's horrific car accidents.

Truck accident claims differ from car accident claims

Being injured after a collision with a truck can lead to a very different scenario than being involved in a car accident. Not only can truck collisions pose a higher risk to life, but they can also lead to intense legal battles between the plaintiff and the trucking company.

Slowing down can prevent car accidents

People in Louisiana go about their lives in an ever-increasing hurry to get things done. They hurry to get from place to place and to generally keep up with the fast pace of day-to-day living. Being in such a hurry when a person is behind the wheel of a car can lead to fatal car accidents.

Distracted driving can contribute to car accidents

Fatal traffic accidents are tragic. They are made even more so when the life of a child is lost as a result of an accident. Holiday weekends sadly increase the likelihood of such accidents occurring as families head out on the roads and add to already congested traffic conditions in Louisiana. All of this combines to increase the chances of being involved in car accidents.

Car accidents are a serious threat to motorcycle riders

Motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation, especially in the summer. They are economical to drive and can be a lot of fun to motor around on. Groups can be often be seen riding together on the highways of Louisiana. When involved in car accidents, riders of motorcycles are significantly more likely to suffer serious injury or death as a result.

Failure to comply with traffic laws can result in car accidents

A person walking along a roadway in Louisiana on a Monday afternoon is not expecting to be the victim of a fatal accident. That tragic outcome was reality for a man walking along Highway 10 near St. Francisville. He was struck by a car and died as a result of his injuries. Sadly, such car accidents are not a rare occurrence.

Fatal car accidents cause survivors immense grief

The unexpected death of a loved one is never easy to accept. Crowded Louisiana roadways contribute to an increase in the number of car accidents that occur annually on area highways. A recent fender bender became a tragic fatal accident on a recent Sunday evening when another vehicle became involved. The accident happened on an elevated expressway near New Orleans.

Driver impairment can lead to fatal car accidents

Whenever an individual makes the decision to operate a motor vehicle on a Louisiana roadway, he or she assumes a great responsibility. In addition to his or her own life, the driver is also responsible for the lives of others within the vehicle but also others with whom the vehicle may come in contact. Car accidents occur all too often and can have devastating results for all involved.

Uninsured drivers complicate things after car accidents

Getting hurt by a negligent driver is one thing, and getting hurt by an uninsured driver is something else entirely. It can be extremely frustrating to realize that not only were you injured through no fault of your own, but that getting the compensation you need will be even harder than it has to be. Here are a few things that are important to know about recovering compensation after car accidents with uninsured drivers.