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Bad news regarding pedestrians and car accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2020 | Car Accidents

Soon, spring will take hold in Louisiana. People often look forward to a change in the weather, and it’s a pleasure to be out and about after months of winter weather. Warm weather also seems to lead to a higher number of car accidents involving pedestrians, and a major news outlet released some shocking statistics on the matter. 

Nationwide, pedestrian deaths are occurring at a higher rate than they have in over three decades. Modern technology has produced new vehicles that come equipped with all sorts of safety and warning features meant to prevent car accidents, so why are the numbers continuing to climb? Experts gave a few surprising examples of contributing factors. 

The number of pedestrians injured or killed seems to increase alongside the thermometer. Time of day can also be a risk factor for persons on foot, as a greater number of these accidents seem to occur after dark. Pedestrians can do their best to wear reflective clothing at night or use crosswalks where available, but the report confirms that a leading cause of injury or death to a pedestrian is distracted driving. 

When a driver takes his or her eyes off the road to fumble with a smartphone or check under the seat for lost sunglasses, tragedy can strike an innocent person. Pedestrian victims of car accidents may quickly become overwhelmed as painful injuries linger and bills are stacking up. A Louisiana victim may consider taking legal action against the driver who caused a crash, and it can be nice to have some professional insight when preparing for court proceedings. An attorney can help a client learn what to expect as he or she pursues a civil judgement, and lend a helping hand with crash-related woes so a victim can begin the healing process.