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What you need to know about cocaine laws in Louisiana

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2020 | Firm News

If you are concerned about being accused of drug crimes in Louisiana, it is important that you take the time to understand the laws in place that could affect you. When it comes to drug crimes, you need to pay attention to the state in which you reside and the drug in question. This is because the law will be dependent on these two factors.

Louisiana authorities take both cocaine and crack possession, sale and trafficking very seriously. The state is committed to tackling it in order to curb addiction and to make communities safer. If you are worried about getting in trouble with the law regarding cocaine use and trafficking, the following is everything you need to know.

What are the consequences of being found in possession of cocaine in Louisiana?

Even simply possessing cocaine could lead to severe penalties in Louisiana. If you are found with under 28g in your possession, you could face 5 years in jail, possibly facing hard labor. If you are found with more than 28g, you could potentially spend up to 60 years in prison with hard labor.

What are the consequences of selling cocaine in Louisiana?

If you are found to have sold cocaine in Louisiana, you will face between five and 30 years of hard labor in addition to a fine of up to $50,000. If you are found to have sold cocaine to a person under the age of 25, you will face life imprisonment. If you are found to be running a production or cocaine manufacturing base you will face between 40 and 99 years of hard labor without parole.

What can impact the court’s decision regarding a cocaine charge?

It may be possible to benefit from a plea bargain if you are considered to be a low-level offender. This can be done by agreeing to participate in an exchange of information. This exchange will likely involve giving information about higher-level producers and dealers. If you are a first- or second-time defendant, you may be able to spend time in treatment instead of a jail sentence.

If you are worried able being accused of a cocaine crime in Louisiana, it is important that you take precautionary measures and gain a full understanding of the law.