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January known as divorce month among family law professionals

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2020 | Family Law

Another new year and another January have arrived. With this comes the season of resolutions, contemplating new beginnings and considerations of divorce in Louisiana. January has become known as divorce month among some family law professionals because of the preponderance of filings they see in the first month of the year.

Reasons for the surge in divorce filings in January are many, but the desire for new beginnings in the new year is considered one of the largest. The pressure of the holidays can expose cracks that may have existed in a relationship prior to the holiday season and can result in the decision to seek a divorce. A person facing a divorce or separation can take steps to prepare for what may be to come.

Couples who wish to try to save the marriage may seek therapy to help them determine if that is a possibility. If it is deemed that it is not, there are steps a person can take to make the process less painful. Taking care of oneself is critical to being able to provide support to one’s children and maintaining a healthy outlook. This includes eating correctly, getting enough sleep and exercising. A person’s close support group can also be invaluable at such a stressful time.

Once the decision to divorce has been made in Louisiana, a person may need legal advice and representation. An experienced family law attorney can look at an individual’s situation regarding finances, child support and custody issues and other important areas of one’s life. A knowledgeable lawyer can provide guidance on reaching a fair and equitable settlement.