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January 2020 Archives

Family law professional can provide knowledge regarding finances

Divorce is a painful process that can lead to a new normal for both Louisiana parties involved. That new normal will most likely involve two households where once there was only one. Maintaining two households is typically more costly than maintaining one. Indeed, one of the biggest stressors involved in divorce can involve the financial ramifications of dividing assets. A family law attorney can provide insight on the different options available for regarding asset division.

Fatal car accidents create a hole that is hard to fill

Every time a person gets behind the wheel of a car he or she runs the risk of becoming involved in an accident. Seldom do drivers give much thought to the risk of serious car accidents but that makes them no less real. On a recent evening near Slidell, a multiple car accident resulted in the deaths of two people and at least two others were seriously injured.

Car accidents are increasing across the state

Most drivers in Louisiana are well aware that roadways across the state are becoming increasingly crowded. As a result, car accidents are happening more and more these days. Unfortunately, the majority of drivers will be involved in a crash at some point in their lives. When a crash ends in death or injury, the experience can be absolutely devastating.

What you need to know about cocaine laws in Louisiana

If you are concerned about being accused of drug crimes in Louisiana, it is important that you take the time to understand the laws in place that could affect you. When it comes to drug crimes, you need to pay attention to the state in which you reside and the drug in question. This is because the law will be dependent on these two factors.

January known as divorce month among family law professionals

Another new year and another January have arrived. With this comes the season of resolutions, contemplating new beginnings and considerations of divorce in Louisiana. January has become known as divorce month among some family law professionals because of the preponderance of filings they see in the first month of the year.