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Accused in Louisiana entitled to a criminal defense

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2019 | Criminal Defense

Gun crimes continue to be a serious issue in Louisiana. A recent incident involved a reported shooting at an elementary school that was not occupied at the time. Thoughts of what could have happened had the incident occurred during the school day may have been very unsettling. A person is in custody, though it is important to remember that anyone facing criminal charges is presumed innocent and is entitled to a criminal defense.

Officers from the West Monroe Police Department responded to a report of possible gun shots fired at Riverbend Elementary School. When they arrived on the scene they reported seeing a glass door that appeared to have been shattered by multiple bullets. After reviewing the school’s video surveillance tape, they reported that it showed a man entering the school and fleeing into a restroom.

The accused reportedly shot out fire alarms, doors and windows in what was thought to be an attempt to lure the officers into the building. Upon entering the building, police found a wallet that they believed had been dropped by the accused. The man was apprehended without further incident. He faces charges for aggravated burglary and illegal use of a weapon.

Facing criminal charges in Louisiana can be very unsettling. The accused may not be aware of his legal rights and may say things that could possibly implicate him in a criminal court proceeding. Consulting with a criminal defense attorney can help the accused to be aware of his legal rights, and a lawyer can help to protect those rights during the criminal justice process.