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December 2019 Archives

Family law and divorce differ vastly from days of yore

The Christmas holiday is past and the new year is upon us. With the advent of the new year will also come a bevy of divorce filings in Louisiana and elsewhere as people considering new beginnings may see divorce as an opportunity for a fresh start. Statistics show that as many as one in five couples consider divorce following the holiday season. Divorce and family law have changed considerably in recent years.

Death while in jail can result in a personal injury case

In the event that a person is found guilty of committing a crime, part of that person's sentence may include jail time. In a recent case, a person serving a jail sentence in Louisiana died of an apparent drug overdose. The deceased's family are citing a personal injury in the loss of their son and are filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the jail where the man was being held.

All who face charges are entitled to criminal defense

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season and a popular time for people to visit Louisiana, particularly New Orleans. This year an unfortunate incident marred the revelry on Canal Street. In the early morning hours following the holiday a shooting occurred that left 12 people injured. Those arrested in connection with the incident are entitled to a criminal defense.

Can I afford to file for divorce in Louisiana?

If you are unhappy in your marriage, you have likely been considering the possibility of divorce for some time. While many unhappily married people dream about the liberating feeling of being single again, they are often faced with many different barriers that prevent them from taking action. The prospect of losing the strong bond you have with your children could be one worry you have. Additionally, the prospect of going through financial struggles due to the divorce may be another concern.

Accused in Louisiana entitled to a criminal defense

Gun crimes continue to be a serious issue in Louisiana. A recent incident involved a reported shooting at an elementary school that was not occupied at the time. Thoughts of what could have happened had the incident occurred during the school day may have been very unsettling. A person is in custody, though it is important to remember that anyone facing criminal charges is presumed innocent and is entitled to a criminal defense.

Those facing charges are entitled to criminal defense

The use and trafficking of illegal drugs continues to be a serious problem in Louisiana. While the opioid crisis has seen some decline, the use and trafficking of cocaine and methamphetamine appears to be on the rise. Two men have recently been arrested. Anyone under arrest and facing charges for drug crimes is entitled to a criminal defense.