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Responding to a Louisiana shoplifting accusation

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2019 | Firm News

If you’re leaving a Louisiana store and you are suddenly held by store security because they suspect that you have stolen an item, you will likely panic. You may become angry or instinctively want to flee the situation. Regardless of whether you intentionally stole an item from the store or not, the way that you react could help to diffuse the situation and minimize the consequences.

The following are some tips on how to react to a shoplifting charge in Louisiana, as well as an overview of some of your defense options.

Don’t try to escape from store security

If you are innocent, you have no reason to try to escape store security. Instead, cooperate with them. In many instances, an attempt to flee from security or resist an arrest can be seen as an admission of guilt. Remaining calm and civil could help your case in the long run. Remember that you will remain innocent until proven guilty.

Remember your right to remain silent

It’s so common for those arrested on shoplifting charges to try to explain their story to the police. They may feel embarrassed by their arrest, and as a result, feel that they will want to make excuses. However, speaking to the police should be avoided before seeking legal advice. Saying anything could be used against you, so it is best to remain silent.

You have many possible lines of defense

Although you may be feeling hopeless and worried about your future after being accused of shoplifting, it is important to remember that you have many defense options at your disposal.

One of the most common defense options after a shoplifting accusation is arguing that you made a mistake. It is common for customers in a store to mindlessly walk out of a store while still holding an item.

If you attempted to return the property after realizing that you took it without paying, this could also help your defense, because it shows that you had no intention of breaking the law.

If you want to avoid charges after being accused of shoplifting in Louisiana, take swift action to learn about the defense options that could apply to you.