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Accused always have right to criminal defense

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2019 | Criminal Defense

The drug industry continues to present serious challenges to law enforcement in Louisiana. A recent arrest of three members of an alleged New Orleans gang is one of the most recent incidents in the state’s war on drugs. The four who are facing charges are presumed innocent until and unless found guilty in a court of law, and they are entitled to a criminal defense.

The arrests followed a lengthy investigation that ended with grand jury indictments of four individuals. Three of the individuals have been placed under arrest, and one remains at large. The indictments mention over 30 different criminal acts the individuals were believed to have been involved in. One of these incidents was an alleged gang shootout in 2017 that injured a bystander.

The four young men, all in their 20s, are accused of multiple crimes. All four of the accused face racketeering charges. In addition, one of the men faces charges including murder, possession of heroin with intent to distribute, illegal firearms possession and conspiracy to obstruct justice. The three men who have been arrested are being held in lieu of bail until arraignment.

Facing criminal charges can be an unsettling experience in Louisiana, particularly for young men. It can be a confusing time, and actions may be taken and statements made that may not be necessarily thought out. Anyone accused of a crime is entitled to a criminal defense and can benefit from the advice of counsel regarding legal options that are available. It is also important to remember that the burden of proof falls to the prosecution and must be supported by the evidence presented.