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November 2019 Archives

Criminal defense can aid in drunk driving charges

The holiday season is upon us in Louisiana and that means spending time with friends and family, attending parties and partaking of festive food and drinks, often including alcohol. It is a time when people may enjoy a drink or two and not be aware of alcohol's effect on one's ability to safely drive a car. The combination has the potential to cause a serious and possibly fatal car accident. Anyone facing charges in such a situation is entitled to a criminal defense.

Those arrested for drug crimes have right to criminal defense

Louisiana police continue their efforts to combat the continuing drug crisis in the state. While opioids have somewhat receded from the headlines, methamphetamines are becoming more prevalent. A recent case involving methamphetamine trafficking resulted in the arrests of three suspects. The accused have a constitutionally guaranteed right to a criminal defense.

Responding to a Louisiana shoplifting accusation

If you're leaving a Louisiana store and you are suddenly held by store security because they suspect that you have stolen an item, you will likely panic. You may become angry or instinctively want to flee the situation. Regardless of whether you intentionally stole an item from the store or not, the way that you react could help to diffuse the situation and minimize the consequences.

Accused always have right to criminal defense

The drug industry continues to present serious challenges to law enforcement in Louisiana. A recent arrest of three members of an alleged New Orleans gang is one of the most recent incidents in the state's war on drugs. The four who are facing charges are presumed innocent until and unless found guilty in a court of law, and they are entitled to a criminal defense.

Distracted or fatigued driving can cause fatal car accidents

Cars are the primary form of transportation for most people. Distracted driving and driver fatigue are both significant dangers, as are impairment from drugs or alcohol, when one is behind the wheel of a car in Louisiana. Serious car accidents can result and can often times be fatal. One such accident recently occurred near St. James Parrish on LA-18.