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Vaping may be causing personal injury

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2019 | Personal Injury

Vaping has been around for a while in Louisiana. It has been perceived as a method to help adults quit smoking. It has been taken up by a younger generation as being a safer alternative to smoking. The companies who make the nicotine juice used in the devices reportedly attracted younger users by offering flavors of the vape juice that would appeal to them, including cotton candy and fruit flavors. Recent reports of health problems have revealed that the devices may be causing personal injury to users.

There is a man in Shreveport who as recently as a week ago appeared to be a healthy man in his 40s working at a car dealership. He is currently fighting for his life in a hospital bed. A constant flow of oxygen is keeping him alive, and he is unable to tie a shoe or get out of bed to use the bathroom. When he was admitted, doctors suspected he was suffering from pneumonia.

He switched from smoking to vaping 10 years ago, believing that vaping was less harmful than smoking. He now has fluid in his lungs that is an oily consistency and prevents his lungs from functioning. There have been hundreds of similar cases reported around the country. At least five of the suspected cases have resulted in death.

It is easy to take at face value that something is healthier for you. People hear it every day in the form of messages that suggest one should “eat this, don’t eat that.” While smoking is acknowledged to be hazardous to one’s health, the search for a safe alternative or means to quit is a constant struggle. Nicotine use, the addictive ingredient in cigarettes, is hard to quit. If a loved one suffers a possible vaping-related illness in Louisiana, a personal injury attorney may be able to advise the client regarding possible legal options.