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Criminal defense can aid troubled teens

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2019 | Criminal Defense

The teenage years can be exciting and full of new experiences and discoveries in Louisiana.Young people want to explore exciting opportunities and sometimes these opportunities lead them down an unfavorable path. Three teenagers in New Orleans were recently arrested and charged with having committed multiple carjackings and other crimes. Nevertheless, these young boys are entitled to a criminal defense.

According to police reports, the three were responsible for carjacking four cars that were later used in the commission of other crimes. These allegedly included an assortment of burglaries and assaults. One of the boys accused is 14 years old and the other two are 16 years old.

Juvenile crime is a serious issue in New Orleans. The 14-year-old stands accused of attacking a woman as she sat in her car, striking her and dragging her from her car. There are two schools of thought regarding dealing with juvenile crime; one advocates stiff penalties and incarceration and the other advocates for alternative measures such as counseling, treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, mental health treatment and mentoring.

A family in Louisiana in similar circumstances and who may be struggling with getting one’s child on the right path can benefit from consulting with a criminal defense attorney. The family may not be aware of all of the rights and options that are available to them and their child. A compassionate attorney experienced in dealing with juvenile crime issues can advise the family of the child’s rights and legal options that may be available.