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August 2019 Archives

Car accidents are a serious threat to motorcycle riders

Motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation, especially in the summer. They are economical to drive and can be a lot of fun to motor around on. Groups can be often be seen riding together on the highways of Louisiana. When involved in car accidents, riders of motorcycles are significantly more likely to suffer serious injury or death as a result.

Family law professionals back budgeting when considering divorce

Having a budget enables a person to live and support a lifestyle with the means available. When two people marry, finances are typically combined to allow for a new budget that may provide a better standard of living than was enjoyed prior to the marriage. But what if the marriage doesn't last and the couple decides to divorce? Family law professionals in Louisiana and elsewhere indicate that financial ramifications can be significant but certain measures can be taken to ease the financial outcome. 

Legal options may be available via criminal defense

Summertime often seems to bring an increase in crimes in Louisiana, particularly crimes involving robbery. A recent burglary occurred in Lake Charles, and three people are now suspects of committing the crime. The three have a right to criminal defense that is protected by the United States Constitution.

5 dangers other vehicles pose to motorcycles

Riding a motorcycle is exhilarating partly because of the danger that comes with such an activity. Even if you always wear your helmet and proper riding gear, and follow all of the traffic laws, a motorcycle wreck can still have catastrophic results. While bad weather and bad roads can play a large part in motorcycle accidents, many of the dangers you face while out for a ride come directly from the cars and trucks you share the road with.

Accused teens have equal rights to criminal defense

The death of a person in a violent crime is certainly a tragedy. When juveniles are suspected of the crime it can be seen as a double tragedy because of the possible harm it can cause to the their futures. A failed car theft purportedly led to the death of an older woman as the would-be thieves reportedly opened fire and shot her. The teens accused in the Louisiana crime are entitled to a criminal defense.