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July 2019 Archives

Fraternity life, death and criminal defense

Greek societies at Louisiana colleges and universities can provide a means for making lasting social connections and can also ease the transition from living at home to the independence of being a college student. There are many traditions of fraternities that can be beneficial but there are also traditions that can be dangerous and lead to law-breaking activities. Chief among these may be the abundance of alcohol at some functions and the rituals of hazing that have increased in severity over the years. Criminal defense attorneys have become familiar with the possible legal consequences of hazing in recent years.

All accused have a right to a criminal defense

The drug problem in Louisiana continues to be the focus of many law enforcement investigations. Anyone caught up in the process of these investigations and charged with a crime has a right to a criminal defense. A recent case in Baton Rouge resulted in the arrest of a man charged with possession of a large amount of the drug known as ecstasy.

Failure to comply with traffic laws can result in car accidents

A person walking along a roadway in Louisiana on a Monday afternoon is not expecting to be the victim of a fatal accident. That tragic outcome was reality for a man walking along Highway 10 near St. Francisville. He was struck by a car and died as a result of his injuries. Sadly, such car accidents are not a rare occurrence.

Criminal defense access is right enjoyed by accused in Louisiana

The problem of illegal drugs in Louisiana is an ongoing one. In the continuing battle to protect the community and reduce the crime associated with the illegal drug trade, police are actively pursuing leads to help find and detain persons associated with the drug trade. Any person charged with a drug crime is entitled to a criminal defense.

Fatal personal injury to 3 men; police think driver was impaired

Two good Samaritans recently stopped on a Louisiana highway to help a man whose vehicle had become disabled on the roadway. Little did they know, it would be the last act of service they ever offered in this life. The two men, as well as the man they stopped to help all suffered fatal personal injury when another vehicle crashed into them and the disabled car.