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Driver impairment can lead to fatal car accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2019 | Firm News

Whenever an individual makes the decision to operate a motor vehicle on a Louisiana roadway, he or she assumes a great responsibility. In addition to his or her own life, the driver is also responsible for the lives of others within the vehicle but also others with whom the vehicle may come in contact. Car accidents occur all too often and can have devastating results for all involved.

Other vehicles and pedestrians can often be found along the side of the road. The conscientious driver remains aware of his or her surroundings and watches out for other drivers as well as other obstacles. Any type of distraction or impairment can prevent the driver from reacting in time to prevent tragedy.

Recently, a 67-year-old man was walking north along U.S. 61. At the same time, a box truck was traveling south on the same road. The truck hit the pedestrian, who later died from injuries suffered in the crash. The driver of the box truck, a 24-year-old, was arrested and charged with vehicular homicide. Reports indicate that some form of impairment is suspected in this particular case; however, specific details have not been released.

Car accidents are often just that — accidents. However, when such an accident is caused by another driver’s impairment and causes significant injury or death, it may be in the family’s best interest to pursue the matter through Louisiana’s legal system. Such action will not undo the damage inflicted on the individual or family, but it can alleviate some of the financial burden.