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Bomb scare, drug charges result in need for criminal defense

On Behalf of | May 9, 2019 | Firm News

The fight against illegal drug trafficking in Louisiana is an ongoing battle. A recent case in Lake Charles involves two men who might benefit from consulting a criminal defense professional. The two were passengers on a bus traveling on I-10 late one afternoon.

One of the two men had reported he was suffering from chest pains, causing the bus to pull over and call 911 for assistance. When the ambulance arrived, the man who complained of chest pains left the bus and went to the ambulance. A passenger alleged that the man had alluded to a bomb being present on the bus before heading to the ambulance. The bus was evacuated, and during the evacuation, a second man fled.

Police responded to the second 911 call and found items allegedly dropped by the fleeing man. A bag that may have been dropped reportedly contained cocaine. The man who fled was apprehended, and a search of the first man allegedly uncovered an unspecified amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. The two men face charges of marijuana possession, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession with intent to distribute a schedule V drug. No bomb was found on the bus.

Facing criminal drug charges in Louisiana can be a scary prospect. Anyone facing charges is presumed innocent until and unless proved guilty in a court of law. An experienced criminal defense attorney can examine the facts and evidence involved in a case, and assist the accused in preparing a defense. The lawyer can inform those facing charges of their legal rights and help to ensure that those rights are protected throughout the criminal justice process.