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May 2019 Archives

Criminal defense: Woman charged with drunk driving

A woman was arrested in Baton Rouge following an accident that injured a state trooper, according to local news. A Louisiana State Patrol trooper apparently suffered moderate injuries in a crash involving a suspected drunk driver. The suspect has been taken into custody and is awaiting a trial date. There is no word as to whether she has retained criminal defense counsel or if a trial date has been set. 

Criminal defense and crime of passion

Passion is a powerful emotion. It can cause feelings of love, joy, anger and fear just to name a few. Passion can also lead to action. Passion may have contributed to an action that left a young woman dead on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. The Louisiana man accused in her death is facing charges for which he is entitled to a criminal defense.

Uninsured drivers complicate things after car accidents

Getting hurt by a negligent driver is one thing, and getting hurt by an uninsured driver is something else entirely. It can be extremely frustrating to realize that not only were you injured through no fault of your own, but that getting the compensation you need will be even harder than it has to be. Here are a few things that are important to know about recovering compensation after car accidents with uninsured drivers.

Factors used to determine child custody in Louisiana

Separating parents can face issues in agreeing on a child custody arrangement that works best. It's easy for these situations to escalate, causing both parents to become angry and resentful. Overcoming these conflicts is never simple, but with the assistance of the child custody courts and mediation services in Lafayette, it can be possible.

Bomb scare, drug charges result in need for criminal defense

The fight against illegal drug trafficking in Louisiana is an ongoing battle. A recent case in Lake Charles involves two men who might benefit from consulting a criminal defense professional. The two were passengers on a bus traveling on I-10 late one afternoon.