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Views on stay-at-home parents and property division differ

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2019 | Family Law

Many Louisiana parents may give up more than they realize when they choose to stay at home with the kids rather than returning to work. However, they undoubtedly do not regret these sacrifices because they enjoy having the ability to personally care for their kids. Still, making this decision may influence the outcomes of property division proceedings in the event that a couple chooses to divorce.

Both women and men make the decision to stay home with the kids, but there are considerably more women who make this choice. Still, the jobs they perform at home with the kids are immensely important, but there is interest in how it compares to the work parents do out of the home. A study was recently conducted in which 3,000 participants provided their views on asset division for a fictitious divorcing couple that included a mother who stayed at home.

The study revealed that, generally, women believed the stay-at-home mom should receive a larger portion of the assets regardless of her education level. On the other hand, male participants were more likely to provide a larger award to the mother if she had a higher level of education. Though both groups recognized the importance of caregiving, men were more likely to regard the importance of the father earning an income when making their decisions while women were more likely to consider the importance of staying home with the children.

Of course, when it comes to property division during divorce, more factors go into consideration than the opinions of those involved. Louisiana state law, the views of the judge involved in the case and the exact details of the family dynamic can all play important parts in determining these outcomes. In order to understand their options for working toward the best possible results in their cases, interested parties may want to discuss this part of the divorce process with their attorneys.