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April 2019 Archives

Personal injury risks at indoor trampoline parks

What can be more exciting for children than being invited to a birthday party at an indoor trampoline park? Unfortunately, many parents in Lafayette are unaware of the personal injury risks linked to these facilities. An investigative news team in another state looked at the numbers of ER visits that resulted from injured jumpers over three years, and also the types of injuries children suffered.

Views on stay-at-home parents and property division differ

Many Louisiana parents may give up more than they realize when they choose to stay at home with the kids rather than returning to work. However, they undoubtedly do not regret these sacrifices because they enjoy having the ability to personally care for their kids. Still, making this decision may influence the outcomes of property division proceedings in the event that a couple chooses to divorce.

Ease your mind by working with a professional after you're hurt

When you got hurt, you couldn't believe it. You were minding your own business and following the rules of the road when another driver, seemingly out of nowhere, collided with your vehicle. Now, you've spent multiple days in the hospital, and you're not sure how long it will be until you can go home.

Investigator mistakes could play part in criminal defense

Though remaining silent is often best when accused of a crime, it does not mean that individuals cannot create useful defense presentations even if they did answer police questions. Certainly, as the Miranda warning states, anything a person says can be used against him or her in a court of law. Fortunately, other criminal defense strategies may come in handy to fight against any incriminating statements.

Car accidents: Crash with log truck leaves woman dead

Traffic laws and rules are in effect for Louisiana and the rest of the country to ensure the safety of all travelers on roadways. When they are ignored, serious car accidents can occur. Sadly, one family has become the victim of a tragic vehicle accident, following the alleged negligence of a log truck driver.