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March 2019 Archives

Car accidents: Man charged after fatal head-on collision

One man in Louisiana is dead and another is facing charges in connection with a recent auto collision. The crash occurred in East Feliciana Parish on the morning of Tuesday, March 26, and involved a pickup truck and smaller sedan. As is the case in all car accidents where someone was killed as the result of another driver's carelessness or negligence, the surviving family members of the deceased have the right to pursue a wrongful death claim against the at-fault driver to help recoup their losses and perhaps provide some sense of closure to this terrible tragedy.

Time change and less sleep means more personal injury incidents

Lafayette readers understand that Daylight Savings often causes adults to struggle with things such as sleepiness, trouble falling asleep and ongoing drowsiness throughout the day. It is not easy to adjust when the time changes, and the result is that more people are on Louisiana roads commuting, transporting children and running errands while they are overly tired. More drowsy drivers naturally leads to an increase in car accidents and personal injury incidents.

Understanding different spousal support options

In most marriages, spouses become financially intertwined, meaning that they depend on each other to some extent regarding income. Financial dependence within a marriage can be perfectly healthy and functional. However, if the couple decides to go through a divorce, this is where things can get complicated.

Helping children navigate complex family law matters

Divorce has a significant impact on the youngest members of the family, and Louisiana parents understand the importance of helping their kids walk through this process and navigate transitions. Family law matters can have a negative effect on the long-term mental and emotional health of the children, but there are several things parents can do to help them avoid undue stress and complications. According to statistics, about half of the children in the United States will experience their parents divorcing at some point.

Criminal defense important when college pranks go bad

College pranks can be amusing, and many look back fondly on the fun they had in their university days. Much of the fun on and off campus may involve the consumption of alcohol, and it is not unusual for things to get out of control. A recent incident on the Louisiana State University campus may have started as a prank, but it came to a bad end for three men from a neighboring town who may now be preparing a criminal defense.