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Medical malpractice: Doctor accused of withholding medication

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2019 | Personal Injury

Most medical professionals in Louisiana want what is best for their patients. The trouble is that, sometimes, their opinion of what is best isn’t accurate to what a patient truly needs. The repercussions are not just physical but can be emotional as well. This may be the case for one woman from out of state who filed a medical malpractice claim alleging that her doctor gave her unnecessary injection therapy.

The woman who filed the suit says that about five years ago, she started a pain therapy regimen at the doctor’s office. She was prescribed oxycodone along with a nerve-root block injection that had to be administered at the office. She continued to be prescribed the injections and medication each month, and she was fearful that if she refused the injections, she would not get her medication. The doctor in her suit started treating her a few months ago, and the woman claims that when she turned down the injections, he refused to give her the medication he had been prescribing her. She alleges that the injections caused her pain and suffering because of the testing required before each injection.

The doctor defended himself by saying that he has never faced this kind of accusation and that he is mistrusting of those who just want medication without any treatment to improve their condition. He also claims that the Drug Enforcement Administration is closely watching his practice because a nurse was caught stealing medication. The woman’s suit names her doctor as well as his practice as defendants.

When a doctor fails to provide a proper standard of care, patients can be left with life-long trauma. It can result in additional medical expenses, affect a person’s ability to work or even result in death. Louisiana families who have been affected by a medical professional’s negligence may wish to file a claim of medical malpractice against any responsible parties. It may produce monetary damages that can offset some of these costs.