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February 2019 Archives

Family law concerns often come with significant emotions

The process of ending a marriage or dealing with any legal concern that can impact the family is stressful. Divorce is an emotionally-challenging process, and Louisiana readers may know that strong feelings and grief do not always lead to the best or most practical decisions. In navigating a divorce, it makes sense to deal with grief and other feelings in a constructive way so as to be able to make smart family law decisions.

Medical malpractice: Doctor accused of withholding medication

Most medical professionals in Louisiana want what is best for their patients. The trouble is that, sometimes, their opinion of what is best isn't accurate to what a patient truly needs. The repercussions are not just physical but can be emotional as well. This may be the case for one woman from out of state who filed a medical malpractice claim alleging that her doctor gave her unnecessary injection therapy.

The most common types of car accident injuries

If you are suffering due to injuries that occurred in a car accident in Louisiana, you may be wondering about the value of your claim. By conducting thorough research, you should be able to understand what types of damages to which you will be entitled so that you can take action and gain the compensation that you deserve.

Family law problems do not always stop when divorce is final

Louisiana parents who go through divorce often find it difficult to get along and work together, making it quite complicated to make a co-parenting plan work well. The hard feelings do not necessarily go away simply because the divorce is final, making it important for a parent to know how to cope with a difficult co-parent and family law complications. This is also a good way to protect the emotional interests of the children and keep them from experiencing continued upheaval.

Personal injury: Pedestrian deaths up across the country

Though walking is often touted as an easy and simple form of exercise, it is not always a safe activity. Louisiana families may be shocked to hear that a recent study showed a sharp increase in the amount of fatalities among pedestrians all over the nation. This kind of personal injury incident can have a significant affect on the victim and his or her loved ones, and understanding the findings of the study may be a step in preventing one.