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Family law disputes may require digital protection

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2019 | Firm News

Even an amicable divorce can turn quickly as spouses fight to obtain what they feel is a fair resolution to their conflicts. If there is much on the line, Louisiana spouses may resort to tactics that invade the privacy of their partners in order to obtain information that will enhance their family law case or simply satisfy their curiosity. Spouses who fear former partners will use technology to spy on their activities would do well to take steps to secure their digital interests.

Even tech-savvy spouses may not realize how vulnerable they are to privacy breaches. For example, those who own smart appliances may unknowingly allow those devices to track their locations. Spouses who share computers, social media accounts or passwords may be at risk for the invasion of their privacy from a controlling partner.

There are ways to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of this. For example, establishing a new email address and password solely for matters related to the divorce can allow a spouse to keep that information private, especially any correspondence with an attorney. If a spouse is not willing to deactivate social media accounts during the divorce, he or she should create unique passwords for these accounts. Spouses should unsync all devices from the home network and may even find peace of mind in consulting a tech professional to search for spyware and other nefarious programs.

Spouses who are facing contentious divorces may be tempted to delete their social media accounts or purge potentially incriminating emails. However, it is best to seek the advice of a Louisiana attorney before destroying anything that may be evidence in a divorce trial. In fact, the advice of a family law attorney from the earliest stages of a marriage breakup may provide advocacy and protection throughout the process.