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Criminal charges, including DWI, brought against Louisiana driver

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2019 | Firm News

Life can have its ups and downs for any person. Some ups can be great, and some downs can have substantial negative impacts on individuals’ lives. When a person is in a downward spiral, he or she could even wind up facing legal issues that involve criminal charges for DWI.

Alcohol abuse is a prevalent issue in Louisiana and across the country, and one man who was recently taken into custody could have such a problem. It was reported that a 47-year-old man was arrested on allegations of driving while intoxicated as a fourth offense. Police officers stated that the man exhibited clear signs of intoxication, but details were not given in the report regarding what those indications may have been.

Authorities came upon the man while responding to a call regarding a single-vehicle accident. Apparently, the man was driving a car when he failed to stay in the correct lane and left the roadway on the opposite side. His vehicle then struck a parked tanker on private property. The man reportedly refused to submit to toxicology testing, but an on-call judge approved a search warrant. As a result, officers took blood samples from the man, but the outcomes of any tests were not disclosed.

This Louisiana man is currently facing multiple criminal charges, including for DWI and driving under suspension. Of course, having charges brought against him does not necessarily mean that he will be convicted of the allegations. He can take steps he considers appropriate for becoming more knowledgeable about the charges and his criminal defense options, as well as for addressing other aspects of his case.