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December 2018 Archives

Many questions as to cause of personal injury accident

Highway driving can be stressful. A driver's attention diverted from the road for even a brief moment may lead to tragic consequences. When highway speeds exceed 70 mph, the slightest contact with another vehicle can cause a driver to lose control of a vehicle, resulting in a personal injury accident. A recent accident in Louisiana demonstrates this fact and leaves a community grieving.

Criminal defense includes protecting right to remain silent

When someone is accused of committing a crime, it is critical that he or she remain protective of any legal rights that may be at risk. In a tense situation such as a confrontation with police, it may not be easy for the accused to know what rights are at stake or how to behave to avoid incriminating oneself. Seeking legal advice at the earliest possible moment is one way to set the groundwork for building a strong criminal defense strategy.

The consequences of shoplifting in Louisiana

The act of shoplifting is considered by many as a petty crime that is frequently done. While it might be a common crime, this does not mean that there are no consequences associated with it. In the state of Louisiana, shoplifting can be treated quite seriously, and partaking in such a crime can lead to a criminal record that will follow you for many years to come.

Holiday car accidents can be avoided with ridesharing

The holidays are for celebrating, and many have plans to join family and friends over the next few weeks for festive parties and gatherings. Alcohol is often a component of these parties, adding revelry and cheer. However, it also adds danger if partiers fail to make the necessary preparations for avoiding car accidents on the way home.

Tax changes affect family law issues

Within a few weeks, the new year arrives and changes take place. These are not only changes brought about by New Year's resolutions, but new laws that may affect the family law decisions many people make in 2019. In fact, those in Louisiana who are considering divorce in the near future may be interested in the coming changes in the federal tax laws regarding alimony.

Mistakes in patient charts may lead to personal injury claims

It is not unusual to sit in a waiting room for a considerable amount of time before seeing a Louisiana doctor. Patients may notice receptionists, nurses and doctors passing around dozens of patient charts as they hurry through the appointments. The information inside those charts keeps a patient's health care team in the loop about the patient's history, health conditions, prescriptions and allergies that could prevent mistakes that may lead to personal injury claims. However, what if the mistakes are within the chart?