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E-scooters increase risk for personal injury

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2018 | Firm News

The latest trend in travel is the e-scooter. More energy efficient than electric vehicles, e-scooters are popping up in cities in Louisiana and around the world. Just like scooters from decades ago, riders stand on a platform and hold onto handlebars at about waist-level. The difference is that the e-scooters are motorized and can achieve speeds well over the 20 mph limit many states are imposing. As a result, more riders are suffering serious personal injury.

Scooter riders seem to underestimating the danger of operating one of these toy-like vehicles. A novice rider may be unprepared for the rapid acceleration, and this increasingly leads to accidents. More emergency room doctors are treating scooter riders with broken bones and bruises, but traumatic brain injuries are on the rise. Few scooter riders wear helmets, and brain injury specialists say that crashing a scooter going at its top speed is similar to falling from a 20 foot height.

While more scooter riders are ending up in emergency rooms with severe injuries, pedestrians are also suffering injuries in collisions with scooters whose riders are going too fast and/or are inexperienced in operating the vehicle. So far, few states or regions have statutes in place to regulate where and how riders may operate the scooters. As a result, some riders are simply cruising on the sidewalks without heeding those on foot.

Those in Louisiana involved in accidents with scooters, either as riders or pedestrians, may have many questions about who is responsible for their injuries. Some are already investigating lawsuits against the scooter renters, manufacturers and any careless riders. A skilled personal injury attorney can assist in maximizing any claim for compensation.