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November 2018 Archives

Car accidents claim hundreds of lives in Louisiana

As the year draws to a close, Louisiana police and safety agencies are doing the grim task of tallying the number of lives lost on the roads and highways. In a single parish, the State Police investigated 25 car accidents that included fatalities. Six of those deaths were pedestrians, and the most recent one occurred early Thanksgiving morning.

Criminal defense involves challenging unlawful search

One of the fundamental rights of those in Louisiana or anywhere in the country is the protection from unlawful search and seizure. This means that law enforcement must follow rigid procedures to avoid violating the rights of someone they suspect of a crime. Police may not search someone's home, car or person without appropriate cause and, in some cases, a warrant. When building a criminal defense, one may work to exclude any evidence collected during an unlawful search.

E-scooters increase risk for personal injury

The latest trend in travel is the e-scooter. More energy efficient than electric vehicles, e-scooters are popping up in cities in Louisiana and around the world. Just like scooters from decades ago, riders stand on a platform and hold onto handlebars at about waist-level. The difference is that the e-scooters are motorized and can achieve speeds well over the 20 mph limit many states are imposing. As a result, more riders are suffering serious personal injury.

Speed and distraction lead to deadly car accidents

The sudden loss of a loved one in a traffic accident can be shocking and devastating to a family. In a moment, lives are changed, and a family is left to struggle with the aftermath. Speed and distraction play a major role in many Louisiana car accidents, and one local family is dealing with the grief and questions that follow such an accident.