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Staying married for the children is a tough family law decision

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2018 | Firm News

Divorce is difficult enough when a couple has only their own feelings to consider. When children are involved, the situation may be one of the most complex and challenging areas of family law. In fact, many Louisiana couples struggle to decide whether it is better to remain married to spare the children the stress and emotion of a divorce. There are many factors to weigh when making this difficult decision.

Some child advocates support the idea of remaining together for the children even if it means the parents will sacrifice their own happiness, perhaps for years. If it is possible to work as partners and maintain civility in the household, remaining an intact family may be the best solution for some, especially if there is a chance of reconciliation in the future. Of course, if there is any kind of abuse or chronic infidelity, this may not be possible.

Staying together for the kids also comes with risks of which couples should be aware. For example, it is not uncommon for unhappily married parents to become so absorbed in their misery that they neglect the children. Additionally, it may take herculean efforts to maintain a façade of cooperation and peace in front of the children. Children are intuitive, and the deception may be more obvious to them than parents realize.

When trying to make a life-changing and permanent decision such as whether to divorce, it is best to have as much information as possible. This is especially true when the well-being of children is involved. Seeking guidance and advice from a Louisiana family law attorney is a wise first step to take.