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Regaining custody through a family law proceeding in court

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2018 | Firm News

Parents who have limited access to their children or who have lost custody because the court determined they could not provide a stable environment for their children may feel frustrated and lost. Being without one’s children can be upsetting, and it may seem that precious time is passing while the children grow and change. However, there are family law options for these circumstances. Louisiana courts want to keep families together as much as possible, and those parents may have a chance to make things right.

Requesting a review of one’s custody case is always an option. While receiving a new hearing does not always mean the parent will regain custody, the chances may improve if both parents agree to reach an agreement through mediation. Of course, it is always a positive if the parent takes the necessary steps to correct the issues that jeopardized custody in the first place, such as seeking therapy for anger management or completing a substance abuse program.

Appearing before a judge is a serious matter with crucial issues in the balance. A parent who arrives for court clean, well-groomed and dressed appropriately may make a more positive impression on a judge. Additionally, one of the surest ways for a petitioning parent to lose any advantages already made is to present a negative relationship with the other parent. Family courts consider it a serious flaw if one parent badmouths the other to the children or in public. It gives the impression that the parent is unwilling to cooperate for the good of the children.

Seeking to regain custody of children is likely one of the most significant and difficult tasks a parent can undertake. It involves high emotions and delicate matters of law, so it is not something a parent needs to face without help. A skilled Louisiana family law attorney can guide a parent toward reaching those important goals.