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October 2018 Archives

Regaining custody through a family law proceeding in court

Parents who have limited access to their children or who have lost custody because the court determined they could not provide a stable environment for their children may feel frustrated and lost. Being without one's children can be upsetting, and it may seem that precious time is passing while the children grow and change. However, there are family law options for these circumstances. Louisiana courts want to keep families together as much as possible, and those parents may have a chance to make things right.

Staying married for the children is a tough family law decision

Divorce is difficult enough when a couple has only their own feelings to consider. When children are involved, the situation may be one of the most complex and challenging areas of family law. In fact, many Louisiana couples struggle to decide whether it is better to remain married to spare the children the stress and emotion of a divorce. There are many factors to weigh when making this difficult decision.

Car accidents involving impaired drivers ruin innocent lives

Louisiana parents may be familiar with the particular sort of worry that strikes when a teen reaches driving age. Parents must hope that the education and practice they have provided a young driver will help keep a teen safe on the road. Unfortunately, when it comes to car accidents, sometimes a teen driver becomes the victim, not the cause. 

Dealing with heroin charges in Louisiana

You do not have to be caught using illegal drugs in the state of Louisiana to be charged with a crime. If you are found to have any illegal drug in your possession, you could face serious consequences. Heroin, in particular, incurs severe penalties.

Presenting criminal defense is difficult for many addicts

Louisiana residents are likely aware that the nation is facing a drug epidemic of historic magnitude. The cases of addiction and death from drug overdoses continue to rise. Law enforcement is trying to combat the crisis by making more arrests to get drug dealers out of the community. More arrests leads to a growing need for criminal defense

Car accidents involving teens raise concern

Louisiana parents are likely a bundle of nerves as their teens become old enough to obtain a drivers licence. They hope that teens are able to recall what they have learned about safe driving and seat belt use as teens venture out on their own. Statistically, teen drivers are at a higher risk of being involved in car accidents, reflected by the fact that auto insurance companies often charge a higher premium for policies that cover teen drivers.