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Viral video star to present criminal defense

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2018 | Firm News

In recent years, most Louisiana residents have probably become familiar with the term “viral video.” The term refers to an amateur video that quickly makes its way across social media platforms. Often featuring humorous or interesting clips of everyday life, viral videos have become a common way for people to share things with friends all over the world. Unfortunately, being featured in a viral video can now lead to a need to present a criminal defense.

A Louisiana man found himself facing charges after a video on the popular social media platform Facebook featured him damaging a statue in his town. The events leading up to the incident are not shown in the video. The man allegedly knocked over a decorative statue of a pelican on display in front of a local business. 

The owners of the business posted the video evidence on Facebook, asking for the community to help identify the offender. A second video followed, showing the accused man return the next day to survey the damage. It is unknown if the accused man intended to cause damage, but once he found out he was being sought by police for breaking it, he proactively turned himself in. 

When a social media post prompts the need for a criminal defense, people accused of a crime may feel as if the allegations are unfair. Often, it can be difficult to get a fair assessment of a viral video, and what may appear as an intentional action may have actually been an accident. When a person is accused of a crime, he or she may want to consult a knowledgeable attorney. An attorney may be able to help a defendant explain his or her actions to a judge and separate fact from assumption.