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September 2018 Archives

Cyclist in Louisiana at high risk for personal injury

Louisiana often tops the list when it comes to fun things like travel, sports and entertainment. Unfortunately, the state has placed high on another list, and residents may now be alarmed. Now ranked second in the nation for bicycle accident fatalities, riders should be made aware of the high risk for personal injury.

Viral video star to present criminal defense

In recent years, most Louisiana residents have probably become familiar with the term "viral video." The term refers to an amateur video that quickly makes its way across social media platforms. Often featuring humorous or interesting clips of everyday life, viral videos have become a common way for people to share things with friends all over the world. Unfortunately, being featured in a viral video can now lead to a need to present a criminal defense.

Car accidents on campus a rising concern

A new semester has begun on Louisiana campuses. Drivers should be on the lookout for people on foot, especially in areas hosting a collegiate sporting event where pedestrian traffic is heavy. As throngs of fans and tailgaters await kickoff on gameday, there is an increased risk for pedestrian related car accidents

Workplace held responsible for fatal personal injury

Many Louisiana workers may feel that they have a dangerous job. Accidents occur on job sites each day, and while some are not serious -- just a known risk of a trade -- others can be life-threatening and even result in death. Sometimes, a death or personal injury in the workplace could have been prevented, and in certain circumstances a company may be found legally responsible.