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Parents sue when personal injury results in death

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2018 | Firm News

Louisiana colleges and universities are once again welcoming students as a new academic semester begins. For many students, especially freshmen, stepping onto a campus full of strangers can be overwhelming. For many students, fitting in is important, and many will make poor decisions at the suggestion of other, sometimes older and more established, students in an attempt to find a group that accepts them. Some groups require that someone trying to join, often known as a pledge, must complete a series of tasks in order to become a memeber. Some of these tasks, referred to as hazing, are dangerous and can result in personal injury or death. 

Two parents have filed a wrongful death suit after their son was killed trying to join a fraternity at Louisiana State University. Their son was 18, and though he did his best to please the fraternity leaders with the other pledges, he was singled out for speaking up about questionable hazing rituals. According to reports, the leaders told the boy he must play a trivia game and consume alcohol each time he answered incorrectly. The boy quickly became intoxicated. 

Apparently, the sick and disoriented boy made his way to a sofa, where he passed out. The fraternity leaders did not attempt to aid him in any way. The next morning, they found the boy deceased, and they instructed pledges to lie and say that they had found him in his room in an attempt to cover the fact that the hazing caused the alcohol consumption that killed him. 

When a child suffers personal injury that results in wrongful death, parents may be too grief stricken to know how to properly proceed. Parents who want justice for their dead child may be greatly assisted by a compassionate attorney. An attorney may be able to help prosecute those at fault and help parents raise awareness to prevent others from suffering the same fate.