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Man seeks justice after personal injury at pizzeria

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2018 | Firm News

Louisiana may be well-known for Cajun cuisine, but like the rest of the nation, sometimes nothing beats a great slice of pizza for dinner. Going out to eat can be a nice treat after a long or busy day. Most people expect that their trip to a local restaurant will be a relaxing way to spend the evening, but sometimes, personal injury can ruin the experience. 

One Louisiana man was visiting a pizzeria when he suffered a fall. The man was injured as he slipped down an unmarked step. He maintains that he was not aware there was a step, because it had no markings to warn customers of the drop. 

He accuses the restaurant of being negligent. Sometimes, restaurant staff may overlook potential hazards to customers because they are familiar with the premises. Customers are at risk if dangers are unmarked. Wet floors, steps, hot equipment and other safety risks should be properly marked to avoid injuries. 

When a personal injury results from negligence, victims may feel as if the people responsible ought to be held accountable. Getting the process started may be confusing, and if a victim has suffered serious injury, they may feel overwhelmed. Often, an experienced attorney may be able to assist with matters like medical bills, lost wages or monetary compensation, if eligible. Victims may be suffering from physical and emotional pain in the days and weeks that follow an injury, and having a knowledgeable attorney on their side may ease some of these burdens as they attempt to recover.