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August 2018 Archives

Man seeks justice after personal injury at pizzeria

Louisiana may be well-known for Cajun cuisine, but like the rest of the nation, sometimes nothing beats a great slice of pizza for dinner. Going out to eat can be a nice treat after a long or busy day. Most people expect that their trip to a local restaurant will be a relaxing way to spend the evening, but sometimes, personal injury can ruin the experience. 

Parents sue when personal injury results in death

Louisiana colleges and universities are once again welcoming students as a new academic semester begins. For many students, especially freshmen, stepping onto a campus full of strangers can be overwhelming. For many students, fitting in is important, and many will make poor decisions at the suggestion of other, sometimes older and more established, students in an attempt to find a group that accepts them. Some groups require that someone trying to join, often known as a pledge, must complete a series of tasks in order to become a memeber. Some of these tasks, referred to as hazing, are dangerous and can result in personal injury or death. 

Car accidents claim lives off road

When Louisiana drivers hear about a death that was caused by a crash, many may imagine busy streets, multiple vehicles and high speeds. While, certainly, crashes like that do occur, their are deaths that occur from car accidents under arguably more tragic circumstances. The unexpected death of a child can throw an entire family into a state of shock and grief, especially when one of the family members caused the death. 

Car accidents cause 26 deaths this year

Louisiana residents may find themselves alarmed when they are informed of the year-to-date fatal crash statistics for the state. So far, car accidents have claimed 26 lives in 2018. Despite the efforts of drivers and pedestrians to travel safely, fatal car accidents seem to be on the rise. 

Congressional candidate faces sudden need for criminal defense

Louisiana voters probably feel as if candidates seeking election are a special group of people with an outstanding personal record. The truth is, most candidates are just regular people and face many of the same troubles as persons in other career fields. Recently, a man running for the U.S. Congress was shocked to find out that he had been accused of a serious crime, for which there was an outstanding warrant. He quickly realized he would need to make arrangements to present a criminal defense, before the accusations potentially affected the results of the upcoming election.