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Car accidents caused by intentional speeding often turn deadly

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2018 | Firm News

Summer has settled in, and in the Bayou State, residents and tourists alike have taken to the roads in search of adventure and a way to beat the heat. With so much to offer, it is no wonder that the summer months have Louisiana highways busier than ever. While it is certainly fun to get out and explore the state, drivers should be aware that extra traffic means an increased risk of car accidents, and that the legendary laid-back Louisiana attitude does not apply to driving safety. 

When people are on the highways, especially in search of fun, it is important to remember that even though driving itself can be an enjoyable part of any trip, drivers must remain aware of traffic laws and posted speed limits as they make their way to their destinations. When people break the speed limit on purpose, it can be asking for disaster. Recently, a man lost his life when another driver chose to disregard the speed limit and indulge his thirst for an adrenaline rush. 

Louisiana State Police say that in June 2018, a 19-year-old driver was traveling east on U.S. 90 in a sports car at a high rate of speed. He lost control and veered into oncoming traffic. The sports car struck a box truck head on, and both drivers lost their lives. The sports car also contained a female passenger, and she also died as a result of injuries suffered in the crash. Though investigators believe speed was the main reason for the crash, toxicology results are pending, and the crash remains under investigation. 

Car accidents, especially ones that result in loss of life, can be overwhelming for the families of the victims. Surely no one expects that a loved one will be taken in such an abrupt and horrific manner. When accidents are directly caused by the careless actions of another, families may find themselves feeling angry and confused. In many cases, it can be helpful to seek the knowledge of a compassionate attorney, who may be able to help victims and their families attempt to overcome the tragedy and seek justice for their loved ones.