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18-wheeler causes multiple fatal car accidents

On Behalf of | May 29, 2018 | Firm News

Louisiana residents are in shock as headlines and news briefs continue to update with details surrounding the deaths of four motorists this past weekend. In what looks like a scene from an action movie, horrified residents gaze upon a heap of vehicles, many set ablaze, by a string of car accidents. Witnesses and emergency responders say it was nearly impossible to even determine what had initially happened because of the extensive damage the wreck caused. 

As the rescue and cleanup efforts continued, an investigation began in earnest. Louisiana State police have reported that about nine vehicles were involved in a chain-reaction accident. So far, four deaths and several injuries have been reported. The highway was closed for nearly ten hours after the accident. 

As details emerge, it has been determined that an 18-wheeler failed to stop when the driver was approaching traffic congestion. The large truck jackknifed and caught on fire, killing the driver. The fire quickly spread to other vehicles that became subsequently snarled, unable to avoid collision. So far, only three of the four deceased persons have been identified. It is not yet known if impairment of any sort was a factor on the part of the driver, but a toxicology screen was performed. 

Car accidents can change lives forever. Family members naturally find themselves overwhelmed at the reality of losing a loved one. While certainly nothing can be done to restore the life of the victim, there is still much to be done in the aftermath of car accidents. In these situations, an experienced attorney may be able to render aid to suffering victims and their families.

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