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May 2018 Archives

18-wheeler causes multiple fatal car accidents

Louisiana residents are in shock as headlines and news briefs continue to update with details surrounding the deaths of four motorists this past weekend. In what looks like a scene from an action movie, horrified residents gaze upon a heap of vehicles, many set ablaze, by a string of car accidents. Witnesses and emergency responders say it was nearly impossible to even determine what had initially happened because of the extensive damage the wreck caused. 

Hit-and-run car accidents are a pedestrian's worst nightmare

As summer slowly creeps across bayous, Louisiana residents likely find themselves ready to enjoy being outdoors. With so much to do and see, the Creole State is gearing up for tourist season. Hoards of visitors combined with crowds of local townspeople leads to an increase in foot traffic. One downside to this is an increase in the risk for pedestrian-related car accidents

Deadly car accident results in pending charges

With summer fast approaching, many Louisiana residents are likely considering taking to the roads in pursuit of adventure. With travel season heating up as quickly as the weather, families look forward to taking a well-deserved vacation. With the weeks and months of planning and anticipation quickly winding down, the time draws closer to pack up the car and head for the highway. However, one thing people may not consider is the risk of being involved in a serious car accident. 

Car accidents involving fatalities strike twice in 2 hours

While Louisiana drivers may consider their roads to be generally safe and enjoyable to travel, most are aware that this is not always the case. While many car accidents may be chalked up to relatively harmless "fender benders," on some occasions, they are deadly. In what is almost an unimaginable turn of events, one Louisiana parish was the location of two fatal car accidents that happened in the span of a couple hours.

Seat belt safety an important factor in car accidents

Louisiana drivers are taught from the moment they begin driver's education that wearing a seat belt is a must. In addition to keeping drivers and passengers safe, in most places, buckling up is the law. The proper use of seat belts can go a long way to preventing injury or death resulting from car accidents, but sometimes, people do not take the law seriously and wind up seriously hurt.